Second Opinions




It is important for all patients to have adequate information regarding their medical problem so they can make an informed treatment decision instead of one based in fear.

When I have been asked by a patient in the past whether they should seek a second opinion, I encourage them to do so. Even if they choose to have a different surgeon. I think it is critical for a patient to feel comfortable with their treating doctors and confident in the treatment plan. I believe that if a doctor is confident in their treatment advice and has excellent bedside manner then it should not matter whether a patient seeks a second, third, or forth opinion for that matter.

I offer second opinions via Skype and TeleHealth and can coordinate this with your GP or with you personally. Similar to the traditional consultation, you would require a GP referral, all results such as relevant pathology, imaging x-rays, and medical history.

For the cancer patient,  your case will be further reviewed with a multidisciplinary team which includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, other surgeons and allied health providers to consider all possible treatment options.  If you would like further information regarding a second opinion,  please contact us today, as we would love to care for you.

Does this sound like a service that could be of use to you and your health?

Dr Emilia Dauway

By incorporating yoga and mindfulness in her surgical practice, Dr Emilia Dauway empowers women to live without fear through mindful living.

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